How To Shorten HydraSleeves for Less Sample Volume

Many times the sample volume in a standard HydraSleeve can be more than needed for your analysis.  Or, the well screen is too short to retrieve a full, sealed, HydraSleeve.  For these times we can customize the HydraSleeves for you to shorten the sleeve.  We charge $10 extra to customize HydraSeeves.

Or, follow these simple steps to shorten HydraSleeves in the field or your office.

First calculate the length you need.  This is done by taking the length in inches and divide by the maximum amount of sample volume to calculate inches per mls.

The standard 2-inch HydraSleeve holds 600 mls max and it is 30 inches long.  In this example we want to collect 300 mls. So:

30 inches/600 mls = 0.05 inch per mls

0.05 inch per mls x 300 mls sample vol = 15 inches long

See table below for other example formulas to alter other HydraSleeves

Divided by Max Vol 
 = in/mls
Times desired sample vol  
   =Desired length
 HS-2  30"    600 mls  0.050 in/mls   400 mls

 20 inches long

 HS-2-1L  38"   1300 mls  0.029 in/mls   800 mls  24 inches long


 37"     900 mls  0.041 in/mls   500 mls

 21 inches long


 37"   3100 mls  0.012 in/mls  1000 mls  12 inches long
HSSS-1L  36"   1200 mls  0.030 in/mls   800 mls  24 inches long
HSTS-1L  38"   1000 mls  0.038 in/mls   800 mls  32 inches long


Using the first example above, to alter the standard HS-2 (600 mls) HydraSleeve to hold 300 mls, follow these steps:

1.  Tie a knot at 15 inches along the length of the sleeve.  We have found that using knots in HydraSleeves is an extremely reliable seal for the bottoms of the bags.

1.  Tie a knot at desired length

2.  Leaving ~1-inch tail, cut off the excess.

2.  Leave 1" tail, cut off excess

3.  Using a paper punch make a hole in 2 layers of the tail for an attaching point for the bottom weight.  If a hole punch is not available, the hole can be cut out with scissors or just use the weight clip to poke through two layers of the tail.

3. Punch hole in 2 layers of the tail for weight attachment

You now have a 2-inch HydraSleeve shortened to 15 inches which will hold 300 mls.

Custom HS-2 HydraSleeve to hold 300 mls