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What's in your well?

Introducing a simple way to find out - the NEW Cordry Core Sampler. clampedcore

Collecting a continuous, sequential core sample from a long well screen in a 2-inch well is typically a difficult and potentially expensive task. Previously, long HydraSleeves and SuperSleeves that could carry out this job were heavy and unwieldly, and our recommendation was that retrieval should be accomplished with at least two people. Alternatively, discrete interval samples from long well screens could be taken by deploying multiple samples at the various intervals. To provide a simpler and less expensive option, GeoInsight has developed the Cordry Core Sampler.

The Cordry Core Sampler will collect a continuous, sequential core sample to vertically profile a water column. It is a thin sleeve that allows it to be easily deployed and retrieved with minimal strain or effort. Once retrieved, the sample in the sleeve will mirror the column of water in the well. Concentrations from different intervals are not mixed and can be isolated using special clamps applied to the outside of the sleeve.

















Please click the link below for the white paper that describes this new product in detail.


The Cordry Core will be custom made per application, based on the well specs (2-inch diameter wells only) and customer needs. 

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