HydraSleeve SpeedBag

We are happy to announce that the US Patent Office has granted a patent on our HydraSleeve SpeedBag. 

Back in 2014 we published the following article on the (NEW) SpeedBag.  Here's the updated general information. 

In and out, no waiting.    
The HydraSleeve SpeedBag’s unique design  minimizes in-well mixing and eliminates the wait for well restabilization.  It still offers all the advantages of the standard HydraSleeve sampler.  Drop them down and pull them up. No waiting!    

How is this possible?

The SpeedBag has been streamlined to allow water to smoothly flow by the empty sampler as it is lowered in the well.  The empty 500mls SpeedBag and weight only displace about 50 mls - less than a VOA vial.

See SpeedBag Video here - or on YouTube here

Why use the SpeedBag instead of a HydraSleeve?

  • First deployment at a new site. Deploy and sample the well at the same time. 
  • Comparison studies. SpeedBag and other samples can be collected on single trip. 
  • Less turbid samples.  Eliminates sediment accumulation over time.
  • A single weight can be used for all wells if decontaminated between wells. 

HydraSleeve SpeedBag Specifications

  • No well equilibration period needed in 2” sch. 80 wells and larger.
  • There are 2 sizes of SpeedBag available now - both for 2-inch wells:  500 mls = Sched 80; 900 mls = Sched 40
  • Empty 500 mls SpeedBag displaces about 50mls when deployed.
  • SpeedBag has a tensile strength of about 15 lbs.

PRICING - Links to our online shopping catalog


Both 500 mls and 900 mls SpeedBags (SB) $35.00 each

Tapered 4-oz. bottom weight for 500 mls SB  $14.00

(or)Standard 5-oz. bottom weight for 500 mls SB $12.00

Tapered 7-oz. bottom weight for 900 mls SB $27.00

(or)Standard 8-oz. bottom weight for 900 mls SB $22.00

2-inch Spring Clip for either SpeedBag - required $3.00