New Well Re-stabilization Discussion With SpeedBag

The SpeedBag HydraSleeve is a game-changer when we discuss equilibration times and well re-stabilization using HydraSleeves. 

So,  how long does it take for the well to return to ambient conditions after the HydraSleeve is installed?  With a SpeedBag the answer:  there is no need for an equilibration period.   The SpeedBags are specially designed to be immediately recovered after installation.



Speedbags  have a strategically-placed hole at the top of the bag that allows water to flow through during installation; thus minimizing drag-down.  Although standard HydraSleeves displace very little water during installation, SpeedBags actually eliminate the need for an equilibration time altogether.  Use of the SpeedBag can eliminate an extra trip to the job site on the first deployment.  There is also less set-up costs involved when switching to HydraSleeve sampling if you use SpeedBags.   Many sites have 100's of wells which would have previously required 100's of weights and clips.  With SpeedBags only 1 set of hardware is needed for the entire site - no matter how large or how small the site.





For information on equilibration times for traditional HydraSleeves please click here.