Tips and Tricks

HydraSleeve Cycling if the Sleeve Doesn't Fit

Please consider the following tips when choosing which size sleeve to use in your wells.

It's always best to choose the right size HydraSleeve based on well diameter.  For example 4-inch HydraSleeves are the best solution for 4-inch wells.  However there are times when it makes sense to use a 2-inch HydraSleeve in a 4-inch well.  When you need less sample volume than our 4-inch HydraSleeve holds, you may want to choose a 2-inch HydraSleeve.   It's an economical option, but there are some things that should be considered before outfitting the 4-inch wells with the 2-inch HydraSleeve.

Most importantly the fill rate will be slower.  Having a larger annulus of water around the outside of the filling HydraSleeves allows for more water to flow on the outside of the bag (it's not forced inside the HydraSleeve) so you will need a longer saturated screen zone for the HydraSleeve to fill. 

In addition to the instructions below we have introduced 2 new products we call wide-mouth adapters.  Information on these useful options can be found here:  Wide Mouth HydraSleeve Adapters

For those of you not choosing a wide-mouth adapter a spring clip is required, because it will help maximize the fill rate.  Also, we would strongly recommend oscillating the HydraSleeve within the screen zone as described in the rapid, short cycle retrieval method from the HydraSleeve Field Manual:

oscillating instructionscycling thumbSee Cycling Video Here

This will ensure that the HydraSleeve is full and the check valve is closed when you pull it up through subsequent zones and stagnant water at the top of the well.

Do not use a top weight if it was not designed for the specific diameter of the well.  For example, you should not use a standard 2-inch HydraSleeve with the 16-ounce top weight in a 4-inch well.  It won't compress correctly.  While the top weight will reach the bottom, the sleeve will likely be forced along the side of the weight and could cause things to tangle on retrieval. 

So, the best option would be to use a 4-inch HydraSleeve for your 4-inch wells.  The HydraSleeve can be shortened to collect less sample volume if that is the only reason for using a smaller sleeve.  We can customize the 4-inch HydraSleeves for an additional $10 per sleeve.  Alternatively the HydraSleeve can easily be shortened in the field following these steps:

1.  Tie a knot at the desired length.  The 4-inch HydraSleeves holds ~80mls per inch.

2.  Leaving a 1-inch tail, cut off the excess below the knot.

3.  Using a hole-punch place a hole in the center of the tail for the weight attachment point.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. 



HydraSleeve Advantages #4 and #5

Some of you may not have time to view the entire HydraSleeve Advantages Webinar, so we thought we would dicuss each advantage individually as the next few months progress. 

Not an all or nothing proposition is advantage number 4.

4 notallornothing

HydraSleeves result in minimum displacement in the well is advanatage #5

5 mindisplacement

5 mindisplacementslide


 For the Entire HydraSleeve Advantage Video please click here:






HydraSleeve Selection Guide - Metric

We have updated our HydraSleeve Selection Sheet to include new information and to delete obsolete items. 

Please click here for this new information.

To simplify conversion for our overseas markets and our distribution network we are also including a new Metric HydraSleeve Selection guide.


Metric HydraSleeve Selection Guide


Minimum Well/Bore Diameter(mm)

Click for wells over 100mm

Sample Volume


Sleeve Length


Minimum Bottom Weight


Minimum Top Weight with 140 g bottom weight


Pull to Fill Distance*


Compressed by Top Weight**


Standard HydraSleeve (with reinforcement strip at top)

50mm Well/Bore              
HS-2 HydraSleeve (600 mls) 40 600 760 140 448 0.90 ~25
HS-2-1L HydraSleeve (1000 mls) 50 1000 970 224 n/a 0.97 n/a

SpeedBag(500 mls)   no equilibration time

50 500 760 126 n/a 0.90 n/a
100mm Well/Bore              
HS-4-2L HydraSleeve (3000 mls) 80 3000 970 448 672 1.00 ~31

 SkinnySleeve 50mm Well/Bore (with reusable threaded top piece)

HDSS-1.0L (1000 mls) LDPE or


1000 970 224 900 0.90 ~31
HDSS-1.5L (1500 mls) 45 1500 1320 224 900 1.50 ~46
HDSS-2.0L (2000 mls) LDPE or
45 2000 1525 224 900 2.00 ~61
SkinnySleeve 27mm Well/Bore (with reuseable threaded top piece)      
HS-1-SKY (300 mls) 27 300 1220 224 380 1.50 ~61

























*Distance the sampler needs to move upward to fill completely.  The top of the sampler marks the beginning of the sample interval.

**Average distance from the top of sampler to the bottom of the well when cmpressed by the top weight. Sleeve is lowered into the well fully extended below the weight, not rolled and inserted inside the weight.




HydraSleeve Price List-Weblinks

Attached here is a handy, quick reference, price list for your convenience in planning your HydraSleeve groundwater sampling projects.

Each item will link to a detailed description from our online ordering catalog.

Click here to download the pdf version:  PRICELIST-weblinks-JAN2015.pdf

This is a snapshot of the file for your review before downloading from the link above:


 Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any questions - we always look forward to hearing from you.


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