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Speedbag HydraSleeve - NEW

Introducing a new HydraSleeve Sampling Tool!

The Speedbag (US Patent Nos. 9,726,013; 6,481,300; 6,837,120; others pending)

No waiting!  No equilibration time!  Immediate retrieval!

The video seen below shows the effects of a (modified HydraSleeve) Speedbag on mixing in the water column when deployed in a 2-inch schedule 40 well. 


*YouTube link to the speedbag video:

The video illustrates very well the minimal mixing that occurs when a Speedbag is deployed and immediately recovered in a 2-inch schedule 40 well.  The results confirm that the Speedbag can be deployed and recovered immediately in a 2-inch schedule 40 well to collect a formation quality sample from the well screeen without waiting for the well to re-stabilize.

Advantages to non-stop sampling (no well equilibration period) using the Speedbag:

  • For the first deployment at a new site, the user can collect the first sample using the Speedbag and then leave a fresh (standard or modified speedbag) HydraSleeve in the well screen to be recovered for the next round of sampling.
  • Immediate recovery will allow for significant time savings when conducting comparison studies.  Just one trip to the well when comparing HydraSleeves to pumped samples.
  • The in/out method utilitzed with the Speedbag reduces sample turbidity.  It only collects sediment that is suspended in the sample zone at the time of collection.  This eliminates the accumulation of in-well sediment on top of the sampler over time.  In fact, it provides the least turbid samples possible with the HydraSleeve.
  • A 500-900 mls sample can be collected from any open well (currently 2-inch schedule 40 and larger) at any time with sampling equipment that fits in your tool box.


  • Currently the minimum well diameter is 2-inch schedule 80 with a maximum sample volume of 900 mls.


  • Has only been tested using a 2-inch Speedbag; has not been tested for 4-inch units.  (However, you can use this in/out method with any 2-inch, bottom-weighted HydraSleeve in a 4-inch well and immediately recover the sample without mixing.)
  • Spring Clips must be used with the Speedbag HydraSleeve or in/out sampling method in 2-inch wells.
  • The Speedbag is not intended for any top-weighted configurations.
  • Must have minimum 6 feet of saturated screen to recover 500 mls using the SpeedBag HydraSleeve. 900 mls version will require 7 feet.
  • The SpeedBag can also be shortened for less sample volume and shorter saturated screens.
  • The SpeedBag can be cycled up and down to collect samples in short water columns.

Cost for the new modified Speedbag (US Patent Nos. 9,726,013; 6,481,300; 6,837,120; others pending) is $35.  Reusable 5-ounce bottom weights to be used with the 500 mls set up are $12 each.  After decontamination, the weight can be moved from well to well if you so choose.  The initial material cost to immediately retrieve 500 mls of sample volume using this set up will be about $47.

Please call 800-996-2225 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l with questions.


HydraSleeve Simplicity

Some of you may not have time to view the entire HydraSleeve Advantages Webinar, so we thought we would dicuss each advantage individually as the next few months progress. 

Simplicity is advantage number 2.


Using HydraSleeves is a simple 3-step process. 3-stepinstructions


Another example of HydraSleeve simplicity is the tools needed to use HydraSleeves in the field.

When you order a complete groundwater sampling set up using HydraSleeves, the only additional, essential, tool that would be necessary on the job site is a pair of scissors to cut the tether.


Pictured is a HydraSleeve demonstration bag which holds extra weights, an assortment of HydraSleeves, scissors, some zip ties, and a few hand tools like screwdriver and pliers.  

The bag measures 10 x 12 x 6 inches and contains everything to demonstrate HydraSleeves in a variety of situations including the HydraSleeve supplies. 

When dealing with a known job site and the HydraSleeve supplies are already on hand, the only basic tool that is absolutely necessary is a pair of scissors.

The HydraSleeve motto is Simple by Design for these reasons.

 For the Entire HydraSleeve Advantage Video please click here:






HydraSleeves Sample for All Contaminants

Some of you may not have time to view the entire HydraSleeve Advantages Webinar, so we thought we would dicuss each advantage individually as the next few months progress.


 This one is a little hard to insert interesting photos, but we can offer comments from our customer testimonial page & the independent studies:

We have completed the project and were very happy with the Hydrasleeve sampler.  It was very easy to deploy and retrieve samples and the sample volume was adequate to analyze for SVOCs and Metals. 

The sampler cut sampling time by about 80% (about 15 minutes per sample).

The comparison of the analytical results between analytical results of our Hydrasleeve samples and low-flow samples were comparable.

Posted with the permission of

Bob Onderko
San Antonio, TX

USGS independent study

USGS Compares No-Purge and Pumped Sampling Methods for Monitoring Concentrations of Ordnance-Related Compounds in Groundwater.

  • Hydrasleeves provide comparable data to low-flow pumping for explosive analysis
  • HydraSleeve provided largest sample volume of no-purge samplers tested
  • HydraSleeves found to be the easiest of the no-purge methods used in this study

"Comparison of No-Purge and Pumped Sampling Methods for Monitoring Concentrations of Ordnance- Related Compounds in Groundwater, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts Military Reservation, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2009–2010" September 2012


           ITRC Technology Overview, March 2006

Collecting a sample with the HydraSleeve is a simple, one-man operation

  • provides samples for all analytical parameters
  • effective in low yield wells
  • allows rapid installation and sample collection
  • easy to use, one-person operation

"ITRC Technology Overview" March, 2006





 For the Entire HydraSleeve Advantage Webinar please click here:






HydraSleeve Advantages Webinar

Our last online webinar was mostly generic information which described the use of no-purge groundwater samplers and how they compare to traditional sampling techniques.

This month we would like to offer a shorter presentation that focuses on the specific advantages of the HydraSleeve.

It's approximately 20 minutes long and will  review in detail 10 Key HydraSleeve Advantages over other no-purge sampling devices.

Here's the link to view it through our website:




Or please click below to watch it using YouTube:



Extra Heavy 4-inch Top Weight

Quite often we have requests to make extra-large 4-inch custom HydraSleeves.  We have found that adding some diameter and length to our HS-4-2L check valve set up we can make a custom sleeve that can hold 1.3 liters per foot.  So if we make one that is 5-feet long, it holds 6.5 liters.  When full, it makes a 3-inch OD HydraSleeve, and it can hold quite a bit more in one HydrSleeve than any of our standard units. 

Granted, these are quite heavy.  They weigh 15 pounds when full, but sometimes a set up like this is the best solution.

At the time we didn't have a top weight that would compress this unit close the bottom of the well.  So, Kent went to work and designed a stainless ring to fit over the top of our standard 4-inch top weight.  Together these units will compress a custom extra-large 4-inch HydraSleeve to within 20 inches of the bottom.  So the sample collection process would begin at 20 inches and continue for 5 feet above that location, basically allowing for a 6.5 liter sample to be collected from a 7 foot saturated screen in a 4-inch Shedule 40 well.  If you have schedule 80 you will need a longer screen because it won't compress as far.

Basically we have added a stainless steel ring:  IMG 6987                                                    To the standard 4-inch top weight:  IMG 6986

 IMG 6983







The ring rests on the ledge that protrudes from the 4-inch top weight and it is held in place with gravity and the spring clip also keeps it from coming off once assembled.

Together they weigh approximately 44 ounces.  The ring adds an additional 20 ounces to the already 24 ounce top weight.

Components will be ordered separately as follows:


Custom 4-inch HydraSleeve $55.00 - must call to order, custom units not available online.

Standard 4-inch Top Weight  with spring clip $65.00

4-inch Heavy Ring $45.00 - call to order, prototype quantities only available at the moment.  They will be added to the website when production quantities are available.

Please give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.f you would like more information 800-996-2225.