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ITRC Success Stories

The ITRC (Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council) has been instrumental for years in researching and discussing passive, no-purge sampling technology among other things.  hydrasleeve-decant

In a recent announcement they mentioned several success stories -  a couple of them were for converting sites to passive, no-purge smampling.  In both of these links we couldn't help but notice the sites both showed pictures of HydraSleeves as their no-purge samplers.

This first link shows details on the ITRC helping the Air Force cut costs with passive sampling.

The second link explains HydraSleeve and other no-purge samplers being used at the Savannah River Site.



HydraSleeve Advantages

Why choose the HydraSleeve over other no-purge/passive sampling options?                                    


  • Samples all contaminants.

  • Very Simple to use, minimal training...repeatable sampling events.

  • Most cost effective of the no-purge devices.  Average, first time, reusable cost per well ~$40-$50...Average expendable costs ~$20-$25 per well. Average time to sample a 50' well ~17minutes.

  • Not an all or nothing proposition.  Little or no well modification needed.  Don't have to sample all the wells all the time.

  • Minimal displacement and stress on the well.  In some cases eliminates need for equilibration period.



  • Provides greatest sample volume of all no-purge/passive samplers.

  • Maximum sample volume per dollar of all no-purge/passive devices.

  • Will function under adverse ground water chemistry conditions.

  • Can remain in the well years between sample events.





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US Dept of Energy on Passive Sampling

We are pleased to share with you our latest news coming from independent sources.  The US Department of Energy has issued a short article on Passive Sampling use and specifically HydraSleeves.  

EM’s Use of Cost-Effective Passive Groundwater Sampling Grows

Please click the link for the entire story.  Here's a quote from the article that summarizes the HydraSleeve news in a paragraph.

"A passive sampling strategy involving a device known as Hydrasleeve is employed at about 230 wells at the Savannah River Site (SRS) and is expected to save EM more than $2.5 million over the life of the site’s groundwater monitoring program. Preferred for use with wells with small sample volume requirements, the Hydrasleeve, a flexible plastic bag permeable to water and contaminants, allows remediation engineers to monitor for contaminants such as trichloroethylene and tritium left by Cold War operations without purging, a time-consuming practice of removing water that often must be disposed as hazardous or radioactive waste."

Naturally, we are always happy to post another independent study when they come along.  Please take a look at this short, 1-page summary on how passive sampling is saving millions for this groundwter monitoring program.


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