Sand Weight Clip

Sand Weight Clips can also be used for attaching the HydraSleeves to your tether at the top or bottom. Recommended for placement of multiple HydraSleeves on one tether.
Sand_Weight_Clip_4dde7c97c05ed.jpgSand Weight Clip
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Reuseable Sand Weight Clip & Secure Top/Bottom Clip

Here's a nice multiple use clip that comes in handy for many uses with the HydraSleeve.  The primary use of this clip is for attaching the sand weights to the bottom of the HydraSleeve.  However, they also work well for the top or bottom attachment of the HydraSleeve to your tether. They provide a secure and safe connection and will not open or loosen with use.

Size 1.5" x 0.5"