2019 HydraSleeve Price List Weblinks

 As many of you have probably experienced - the cost of most raw materials has increased for virtually all items in our inventory.

For 2019 we will implement a small (approximately) 5% increase for most of our items.

We have also reduced the volume discount criteria to 100 HydraSleeves - down from 150.  To qualify for volume discount you can mix and match the styles and sizes of HydraSleeves to meet the 100 piece requirement.  Please note that the 10% discount applies only to HydraSleeves.  Discounts are not calculated by our online ordering system.  Please call or email to make arrangements for a volume discount order.

Unaffected by this price change are the SpeedBags, clips, and tether.  These items have remained steady in their pricing and we have plenty of inventory to cover us through most of next year.

Attached here is a handy, quick reference, price list for your convenience in budgeting and planning your HydraSleeve groundwater sampling projects.  Please note the prices on the attached price list will not be in place until January 2nd 2019.

Each item will link to a detailed description from our online ordering catalog.

Click here to download the pdf version.

This is a snapshot of the file for your review before downloading from the link above:


 Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any questions - we always look forward to hearing from you.