NEW 2-liter HDPE HydraSleeve for Sampling PFA's

Two years ago we introduced an HDPE version of our Super/Skinny HydraSleeve to accommodate sampling for PFA/PFC's. 

At the time we chose to produce the 1-liter size as the most versatile version for this product.  We have found that many needed more sample volume and are now keeping a stocking inventory  of the 2-liter version as well.  We can also customize the 2-liter version down to 1.5 liter should the need arise for a 1.5 liter sleeve.

Please see this link for the online ordering and specs for the new HDPE PFCHDSS-2L product.

Because of the SuperSleeve configuration, they will require a threaded PVC top collar or threaded top weight.  See links to the accessories on the product ordering page above.


All HDPE HydraSleeves will be packaged in ultra-clear Polypropylene Ziploc bags with no markings.  Weights shipped with the orders will be sent in woven Polypropylene bags (similar to sand bags).  Our original dispensing straws are made of acceptable Polypropylene.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800-996-2225 if you have any questions.