Topic of Top Weights

We would like to cover some basics for the use of HydraSleeves/SuperSleeves with top weights.   

First anhs2compressd most importantly, why would you want to use a top weight? 

     Top weights are used to compress the HydraSleeve or SuperSleeve into the bottom of the well.  This allows the sample collection process to begin at the deepest point possible in the well.   The compression of the HydraSleeve into the bottom of the well allows for the maximum sample volume to be recovered from short water columns.

Important things to consider when using one of our top weights:

  1. A bottom weight must be used in conjunction with the top weight.  This allows for the sleeve to reach the bottom in a striaght and uniform manner before the compression begins.
  2. Slack must be left in the tether to allow for the compression.  You should leave at least the length of the sampler and more if possible.  So we suggest 3-10 feet depending on the particular HydraSleeve or SuperSleeve being used.
  3. Equilibration time is longer.  First you must allow time for the HydraSleeve to compress in the well.  This usually takes 24-48 hours.  You should also consider that top-weighted HydraSleeves will disturb the water column much more so than a standard bottom-weighted HydraSleeve.  Therefore, it will take the well longer to return to ambient conditions when using a top-weighted Hydrasleeve.  Please consider leaving all top weighted units up to 3 days before retrieval.


Please see our top-weighted HydraSleeve/SuperSleeve videos for more information.hsss1lsettle

HydraSleeve Top Weight Compression Time Top of HydraSleeve Distance  from Bottom
H2-4-2L 24-OZ (PVC) 48 HOURS ~12 INCHES
HSSS-1L SuperSleeve 24-OZ (2-PC) 24 HOURS ~12 INCHES
HSSS-2L SuperSleeve 24-OZ (2-PC) 48 HOURS ~24 INCHES
HSSS-4Liter aka TurboSleeve 64-OZ (2-PC) 48 HOURS ~36 INCHES