HydraSleeve Maps Update

In our continuing state-by-state research we are in the process of starting dialog with all the yellow states shown below.  If possible, we would like to compile a list of the appropriate people in each organization to whom we may direct potential HydraSleeve users for guidance within each state.  Should you know of any individual within your state regulator's office who would be familiar with no-purge sampling, please let us know byThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In response to so many questions being asked about what state regulators think about using the HydraSleeve or no-purge sampling in general, we began a continuing investigation into the question on a state-by-state basis.


HydraSleeves have been used in all 50 states, Canada and overseas.  There are a few states that may recommend either well-volume purging or low-flow methods in their guidance, but they still do not exclude no-purge sampling. There are no states that specifically prohibit the use of any no-purge (passive) sampling technology.

From our online search of state guidance documents we have found that many states have added HydraSleeves as acceptable sampling tools (green), while some others mention that HydraSleeves are accepted on a case-by-case basis (blue).  Please see the map below.


If you compare the two maps you see that regulators do accept HydraSleeves for use  because we have sold them to locations in all 50 states. So, it stands to reason that even if the guidance documentation does not particularly mention HydraSleeves, this does not necessarily mean that they are not used in the yellow states shown above.

We will continue this investigation and hope to turn this entire map green over the years.   However, in the interim, if you know of any change in guidance documentation that is not indicated here, we would greatly appreciate the information with a link to the correct wording.