Webinar:  No-Purge/Passive Groundwater Sampling

This is a comprehensive and informational webinar that compares traditional groundwater sampling methods to no-purge sampling and specifically the HydraSleeve.

To view this video your browser must support HTML5. This is a 50 minute presentation so please give it just a moment to begin downloading. If you have trouble viewing it, please click here or view it on YouTube.

Narrated presentation is formatted to allow you to pause, rewind or fast forward to your topics of interest as following:

  • Introduction and History: 0-6 minutes
  • Ground water sampling methods and their effects (how they work, advantages and limitations): 6-22 minutes
  • HydraSleeve No-Purge/Passive Sampler (how it works, advantages and limitations): 22-47 minutes
  • Summary: 47-50 minutes

For live classroom interaction and hands-on field experience using all of the major ground-water sampling methods, including no-purge (no-stress) sampling check out the Nielsen Complete Ground-Water Sampling Course.