Solution for trapped gas captured in HydraSleeves

Here's a simple solution to an interesting problem some HydraSleeve users may experience.  It's quite rare, but there are times when a HydraSleeve is retrieved with a hole blown in the bottom.  This is caused from dissolved gas coming out of the solution as the sample is recovered.  Once the sleeve is full and the check valve closes, as it is recovered up the water column, the external water pressure decreases, much like opening a bottle of champagne.  The decreased external pressure allows the dissolved gasses in the sample to expand and, on rare occasions, to the point where the internal pressure exceeds the capacity of the sleeve.  The sleeve will typically burst at the point where the pressure is highest, the bottom of the sleeve.  

 The solution is to add a small vent hole at the top of the HydraSleeve at the top of the check valve so the trapped gas can escape during HydraSleeve retrieval.


The following videos show what happens when a HydraSleeve is pressurized from the inside and then the same situation with a vent hole added to the top of the sleeve.



As you can see the vent hole solves the problem of trapped gas and the vented sleeve does not rupture.  If you think you have experienced this problem or that your sampling program may encounter this issue; just ask for a customized, vented, HydraSleeve. 

This is a simple solution for a simple problem utilizing HydraSleeves, as always....Simple by Design.